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Twitter has always played second fiddle to Facebook and every effort to turn their fortunes around have fallen flat. Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey, who is also CEO of Square that works with Apple on an iPad point-of-sales system, wants to now team up with Apple on a new NFL TV deal. Twitter recently beat out Facebook for live NFL streaming by conceding most of the TV ad revenue to the NFL in contrast to Facebook demanding total control over advertising.


According to the NYTimes, "To bolster the effort, Twitter is in talks with Apple to bring the Twitter app to Apple TV, which would potentially let millions of Apple TV users watch the streaming N.F.L. games," according to the two people briefed on the discussions.


According to Anthony Noto, the chief financial officer for Twitter and formerly for the N.F.L., who helped forge the streaming deal, "Having that live programming every night when sports are playing — with no paywall, no logging in and directly from the source — that's key to us."


When Twitter streams its first N.F.L. game on Sept. 15, it will get to assess whether its vigorous pursuit will pay off — and whether live streaming can viably be a linchpin of its future. Would a deal with Apple have the first game live on Apple TV? Likely not, but it could be a surprise announcement at Apple's iPhone event occurring on September 7th so stay tuned. For more details on this story, check out the NYTimes report here.


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