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The East Oakland Youth Development Center's six-week, hands-on summer class exposes kids ages seven to 12 to technology and the 21st century skills that come with it. For many in this classroom, this is the first time they have ever touched an iPad, reports USA Today.




Regina Jackson, president of the East Oakland Youth Development Center said for the report that "Low-income youth in East Oakland are among the most technologically disconnected demographic groups in the United States. Four out of 10 students in Oakland public schools do not have access to a computer at home," and Jackson estimates that 70% of the students at her community center do not have a computer at home with parents relying instead on smartphones.


Jackson installed computer labs to connect more kids to technology and offer year-round computer classes. And, this summer, she teamed with Apple, which is reaching across the digital divide into Oakland, starting with this donation of 40 iPads to expose 180 kids to the technology that will shape their lives and careers. The East Oakland Youth Development Center eventually wants to teach coding classes to help youth develop the skills they would need to work at a company such as Apple.


"We know how transformative technology can be in education and throughout communities," said Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives, who first visited the East Oakland Youth Development Center in June. "Every child deserves the right to a great education. These students are working on everything from learning to code to writing résumés, and we can't wait to see what they will do in the world."


This summer, Apple staffers came to the East Oakland Youth Development Center to set up the equipment and offer training on the iPads and use of Apple software such as Keynote and GarageBand. Already, the program is sparking imaginations and ambitions. For more on this, read the full USA Today report here.


Earlier this week it was revealed that Apple's ConnectED efforts reach more than 32,000 students.


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As the 2016-2017 school year kicks off, there are now 32,145 students at underserved public schools across the country who are learning, creating and exploring on iPad through Apple's ConnectED commitment.


Today, 701 students in Indianola, Mississippi, were introduced to iPad as Carver Elementary School became the 66th ConnectED school — and the first of the school year — to transform its classrooms with Apple's cutting edge teaching and learning technology solutions.


In addition to providing an iPad to every student and teacher, Apple's ConnectED grant also includes professional learning, wireless infrastructure upgrades and ongoing support.


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