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Business Korea reports today that on 'Kakao Story,' the most popular social media service in Korea, on August 30, another Galaxy Note 7 user posted images of the burnt device, adding that it exploded during charging.


The report further noted that "As two Galaxy Note 7 users claimed that their phones exploded while charging in a week, consumers are becoming anxious."


The Kakao Story noted that "There was another explosion of the Galaxy Note 7. It was my friend's phone. A Samsung employee checked the site and he is currently in talks over the compensation with Samsung. You should use its original charger just in case and leave the phone far away from where you are while charging."


Images posted on the Internet show a Galaxy Note 7 severely damaged on the left side, black and burnt on the back and the front, in the aftermath of the explosion.


According to the report "They looked very similar with the photos of the burnt Galaxy Note 7 posted on the online community called 'Ppomppu'" – that were reported on by Patently Apple last Wednesday.


While in negotiations over compensation with Samsung, the orignal post on Kakao Story has been removed according to Business Korea.


We noted in last week's report that "Of course one exploding Note 7 doesn't mean this will be an ongoing problem with Samsung's new smartphone, though I'm sure it'll put new owners or potential owners in an uneasy position when it's time to recharge. But until more incidents arise, it's likely to be a rare occurrence."


Well, two incidents in a single week certainly raises the bar for concern as the Business Korea report noted earlier.


A second report from the Korea Times has surfaced today stating that the "Galaxy Note 7 has hit a supply snag after being involved in an "explosion" controversy, with some retail stores failing to receive planned supplies from Samsung Electronics, a source said Wednesday.  


"Note 7 supplies, scheduled on Wednesday, will be delayed until as early as Friday over a quality issue," a telecom industry source said, requesting anonymity.


The source said chances are the Note 7 supply can be further postponed, citing the mounting controversy over the explosion issue.


Update September 1, 2016, 3: 15 a.m. PST: See our follow-up report posted this morning titled "Samsung Halts Shipments of the Disastrous Samsung Note 7 Due to 7 Reported Recharging Explosions."



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