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Like clockwork, every time Samsung launches a new S-Series or Note smartphone, they shortly after get the marketing story out that they just can't keep up with pre-orders because the demand is so high. And every time the press drinks it up like a drunken sailor. The hype for their S7 was through the roof earlier this year, even though the Korean press was stunned at the level of giveaways that were involved in moving these smartphones.


With such hype, shipments of this oh-so-hot smartphone should have been able to carry through to a second quarter being that the iPhone 6s was supposedly this painfully stale product. But the so-called success of the hot Galaxy S7 couldn't beat the stale iPhone 6s in Q2. How could that be? How could their hot S7 smartphone fall off to second place so quickly? Was it because half of its original shipments were actually giveaways? Where was the tech press to correct their over-hyped stories about the hot S7 not being that hot after all? Simply put: Nowhere.


Now Samsung's Note 7 is the latest to be over-hyped and the tech press came out in full force about it being the most advanced smartphone of the year and being so ahead of Apple's smartphone that even the iPhone 7 would likely fall to the great Note 7.


The first crack in that logic was presented in our report last week covering a new speed test performed by PhoneBuff. The so called stale iPhone 6s beat the Note 7 handily. In fact the PhoneBuff called the iPhone 6s win a "complete blowout." On that same day, XDA Developers posted a report titled "With the Note 7, Samsung Still Delivers Embarrassing Real-World Performance."


The XDA Developers report observed the very same thing that we have for years: "Every year we notice the same pattern: new Galaxy device comes out, it gets positive reviews and among one of the positive points, you usually find performance… somehow.


In general, the story is the same year after year: we see the breakdowns from the more-mainstream publications speak positively about these devices' performance, somehow suspending the otherwise year-long notion that Samsung's software is in dire need of a serious rework. It's not uncommon to see the same publications, or even the same reviewers, then admit that the devices had slowed down since their review was printed, often in such tremendous ways that make us forget that advancements like project TRIM ever happened."


XDA's report lastly noted that "This is important to us because we are also enthusiasts, and we've seen reviews ignore, year after year, clear, delimited, replicable and often universal performance issues with Samsung phones, such as the infamous home button delay of the Galaxy Note 3, the always-delayed multi-tasking menu of the Galaxy Note 4, or the terrible memory management of the Galaxy Note 5 (which is still an issue on the Note 7, by the way). It's important that we recognize that these issues exist so that consumers can make educated choices. We are putting this out there not to shame Samsung, or any particular media outlet, but so that people know that despite 6 years' worth of releases, Samsung still has horrendous issues with software."


Yet today, The Financial Post comes out selling Samsung's hype, with a twist worth noting.


First, the same old hype: "Samsung Electronics has had to delay the launch of its new premium smartphone Galaxy Note7 in some markets with production unable to keep up with initial demand for the large-screen phones. The curved waterproof iris-scanning smartphone has received positive reviews since its launch last Friday in countries including the US and South Korea, but consumers have struggled to get their hands on the latest Samsung premium device due to global supply constraints."


Second, Reality in the form of a Caveat: "But the production shortfalls, if prolonged, could take a toll on the South Korean company's second-half earnings with rival Apple expected to launch a new premium phone next month. Similar production issues last year resulted in disappointing sales of its curved Galaxy S6 smartphones."


Yes, the success of the shiny new Note 7 is oh-so-real but darn, they just happen to have another production problem that will rob them of the glory of being the bestselling device for any length of time. Samsung gets the mainstream press to eat that line of thinking up – that the only reason that Apple's inferior iPhone 7 will wipe the Note 7 in sales in Q4 is because they had production problems trying to keep up with unbelievable, unprecedented demand for their superior smartphone.


So when the iPhone 7 sales blow past those of the Note 7 and the Galaxy S7 combined in the months ahead – remember this: it'll only be because Samsung had production problems – otherwise Samsung's smartphones would have beaten the always second best Apple iPhone.


Ha! – Samsung must be using the same political machine that the Clinton's do because the press continually eats every bit of crap that they dish out and nothing bad ever sticks.


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