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Yesterday the U.S. Patent Office published granted patent 9,409,599 which was listed to the credit of Apple Inc. Apple is clearly noted as the assignee as shown in our cover gaphic above with the correct headquarters noted as Cupertino, CA. The law firm of Morrison & Foerster LLP which has filed many Apple patents in the past now claims that they made a "typographical error" on patent 9,409,599. How does an typographical error extend to adding Cupertino, CA? As strange as it is, in the end, it is what it is and the "Request for Certification of Correction" from the law firm Morrison and Foerster is noted in full below and we have to go along with the typographical error as the official reasoning for this correction.


If Apple isn't working on secret military vehicle in some capacity under a nondisclosure agreement, then I'm sure that Apple's Bob Mansfield was a little surprised at yesterday's news from the U.S. Patent Office that Apple was officially listed as the assignee for a steering device associated with a Military Vehicle.


Considering that Project Titan is to be about a sexy electric vehicle to compete with Tesla Motors, a patent about a clunky articulate vehicle was clearly not the image that Apple wanted to project to the public.


Yet considering that the patent filing with Apple's name as assignee was filed in July 2015, why did it take 13 months for anyone to notice an in-your-face error this big? Wouldn't BAE or Apple have noticed it long before now?


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