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1af 88 cover glass iphone


With rumors (two and three) surfacing earlier this year that Apple would launch an advanced 2017 anniversary iPhone with a form factor that would include an all-glass body with curved edges, we've reminded everyone including the Android press that Apple was first to invent and patent a smartphone with curved edges that supported virtual controls and a user's favorite active app icons well before the Galaxy Edge ever existed. The one design example that I've continually used was part of a patent that Apple was granted today by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


2af 88 cover wraparound display

Patently Apple first covered Apple's invention for a new form factor iPhone back in 2013 in a report titled "Killer Patent: Apple Reveals Sapphire Flexible Transparent Display Devices Created with Liquid-Metal." You could check out all of the details and more graphics here.


Apple noted in their patent that the hollow display cover structure as noted in the patent figure above could be constructed with sapphire, other crystalline materials, or other transparent materials. More importantly, the device would be constructed using liquid metal so that the metal based-glass would be strong enough to withstand a drop.


The device was also based on an OLED display which at the time was contrary to Apple's current use of LCD. Apple also noted that the wraparound display would also have an active backside capability.


We noted back in January of this year that Apple had filed a continuation  patent to fine tune their invention.  


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