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This week the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published two of Apple's latest registered trademarks covering the Apple Wallet icon and the updated 'iPhone.' Although the iPhone trademark has been around since 2007, the update is to primarily cover the iPhone in context with repairs and after sales service. The class also covers the iPhone as being a personal assistant, digital and audio player, a handheld computer, and electronic organizer and electronic notepad. While the iPhone has had a 'notes' app for some time now, noting it as a notepad could be Apple's way of covering the iPhone should it be able to work with their new Apple Pencil for note taking. Should Apple ever decide to challenge Samsung's Galaxy Note, the updated iPhone trademark will now legally cover that expansion.


Updated Registered Trademark for 'iPhone'


2af 55 iphone rtm certificate aug 2016

Apple filed their updated iPhone trademark under international classification 037 which covered the following description: "Installation, maintenance, repair, servicing, and updating of consumer electronic devices, digital audio and video players, handheld computers, personal digital assistants, electronic organizers and electronic notepads; providing technical support services regarding the usage of consumer electronic devices and accessories therefor; technical support services, namely, troubleshooting in the nature of repair of computer hardware and electronics problems; information relating to installation, maintenance, repair, servicing and updating of computers."



There was an offbeat rumor of late, covered by AppleInsider that illustrated three upcoming iPhone 7 models. Only one model, the 'Pro" model, was shown with Apple's new dual lens camera . Would that one feature really be enough to justify a separate model? Maybe, maybe not, but if that model was also designed to be able to work with the Apple Pencil, it would definitely justify a third model. Apple could easily modify a design they have on record for an iPad cover with a built-in Apple Pencil holder for the iPhone.


While admittedly it's a bit of a stretch, it's certainly food for thought for this year or in the future that's covered by Apple's latest registered trademark certificate. I have to admit, that such a development would definitely be the surprising buzz of the year and a major headache for Samsung.


Registered Trademark for Apple Wallet Icon


4af 55 apple wallet

5af 88 apple wallet icon


Apple filed their wallet icon under international class 009 which covered the following description: "computer software for organizing, storing, providing access to, redeeming, scanning, sharing, and providing information about goods, services, discounts, tickets, boarding passes, coupons, consumer loyalty programs, and gift cards concerning a wide range of consumer products, services, and cultural, sporting and entertainment events; computer software for promoting the goods, services and providing information of others over a global communications network in any format, namely, handheld digital mobile communications devices; computer software for downloading and storing vouchers and tickets for admission to sporting, cultural and entertainment events; computer software for capturing, managing, and storing credit card and debit card information; computer software to facilitate electronic payments."


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