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Microsoft introduced Project Scorpio to the gaming world last month and it will deliver 6 teraflops of graphics performance or 5 times what the Xbox One delivers today by Christmas 2017. They need that power so as to push 4K gaming at 60 frames per second for smooth next generation game play. Desktops in that time frame will likely have a 9 teraflop graphics card as standard with options of 15 teraflops backing Cannonlake, a 10nm Intel i7 processor. This move to push insane graphics power is to push consumer computers to not only deliver the next level of gaming, but to also introduce new features to computers to once again excite consumers about the desktop that has fallen in years to all-things mobile.


To get ahead of the curve, HP experimented with their Sprout computer about two years ago to test out 3D scanning and projection features. Without an economical 3D printer however, they were obviously too ahead of the curve – but that was likely on purpose to gain experience with next generation computer features.



In the noted link to 'Sprout' computers above you'll be able to read about Apple's acquiring similar technology from PrimeSense. While Apple's iPhone 7 is likely to introduce their first 3D depth camera, it will likely extend to Macs over time. This could lead to introducing in-air gesturing (for Apple TV too), projected virtual keyboards and capturing 3D images for creating life-like realtime avatars in addition to advanced biometrics via facial recognition and beyond.


Clearly HP and Apple have set their eye on next generation desktops with advanced capabilities and natural user interfaces for some time now when you look at the body of patents that they've filed on such systems. So when an OEM like Dell, who isn't known for their originality steps up to the plate and begins to patent such futuristic systems, you realize that the industry as a whole must be getting closer to actually delivering such systems. 


Dell's Next Generation Desktop Invention


A new Dell patent application came to light last week titled "Gesture Controlled Adaptive Projected Information Handling System." The patent relates to input and output devices which relate in general to the field of information handling system input interfaces and more particularly to a projected information handling system input interface with dynamic adjustment.


The information handling system includes projected device instructions that present output devices and input devices as projected devices with a projector.


An input sensor, such as a depth camera (likely Intel's RealSense 3D Camera), detects end user inputs at projected devices, such as touches at keys of a projected keyboard. Gestures by end user hands detected by an input sensor adjust the configuration of projected input and output devices, such as the size, location, orientation and type of devices.


The input sensor also detects objects proximate to a projection surface so that projected devices adapt responsive to the objects. For example, a projector restricts projection of light so that projected devices are not disposed over objects, such as an end user's hands or a book on the projection surface.


The present invention provides a number of important technical advantages. One example of an important technical advantage is that a desktop projection environment is provided to automatically adjust projected input and output devices to adapt to conditions at a projection surface. An end user interacts with projected input and output devices by gesturing to establish a desired configuration of input and output devices for desired tasks. The configurations are stored locally and/or at network storage to provide an end user with tools to quickly re-create a projected environment at different locations. The projected input devices automatically interact with the desktop environment to provide user-friendly and adaptable tools.


Key Dell Patent Figures


Without going into too much detail, you could see Dell's patent figures below that will provide you with an overview of what they envision for their next generation desktop with projection of virtual items capabilities.


3af 55 dell projection system


4AF 55 mouse pad projected


5AF 55 writing pad


6AF 55


7AF 55





Dell filed their patent application back in February 2016 with a history back to 2014. Considering that this is a patent application, the timing of such a product to market is unknown at this time.


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