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According to a new report, Apple has begun testing a Google graphics technology called WebP, a significant endorsement for an effort get websites to load faster. WebP image format support is built into test versions of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, the forthcoming editions of Apple's core software for iPhones, iPads, and Macs.


C/Net adds that "WebP support is by no means certain: the beta versions aren't a commitment, and Apple could choose to remove WebP support when the final versions of the software ship in coming weeks.


If Apple does choose to enable WebP, Safari users and eventually others could see some websites load faster. Facebook, for example, embraced WebP after it found the images are 25 to 35 percent smaller than JPEG, the most common image format. For more on this, see the full C/Net report here. You could learn more about WebP here.


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