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Apple's iPhone 6 line up that included its first phablet broke all iPhone sales records by selling over 74 million units for the 2014 holiday quarter. According to a new report out of China today, there's positive news on Apple's iPhone 7 ramp up that aims to equal or surpass that record.   


The report noted that "The Economic Daily News reported that Apple has started mass production of the iPhone 7, and some companies were hiring staff as they prepared to assemble the newest model.


The United Daily News reported that Apple has asked its suppliers to produce 72 million to 78 million iPhone 7 units by the end of this year," and anything over 74,500 would set a new record for Apple.


The report further noted that "The figure marks the highest yield target in the past two years, and far surpasses the predictions of Wall Street analysts, reflecting Apple's confidence that sales of its new model will beat expectations."


There seems to be a high expectation for their dual lens camera feature driving sales. Yet there's always a naysayer in the crowd and this time it's Jason Low, tech industry expert at Canalys who says he's not so sure the iPhone 7 will meet this lofty goal. He specifically noted that "As the iPhone 7 has not yet been released, we don't know whether Apple has made some revolutionary changes in design and added new functions. So we couldn't decide whether it could boost sales and have a more positive impact on its suppliers."


That view is supported by a new Quartz online poll that only recorded 9.3% of U.S. iPhone users are planning to upgrade to the iPhone 7. However, the poll also noted that the percentage could take a dramatic leap to 25.2% if Apple surprises the market with an all-new design. Rumors to date suggest that no such design is in the cards.


Yet in the end, if Apple is really as confident in the iPhone 7 as is being reported today, then perhaps there are more surprises in store for the iPhone 7 than most expect. Wouldn't that be a pleasant surprise?


With so many vultures flying over Apple's head of late, all preparing to write Apple's obituary this fall, a big surprise would be exactly what the doctor ordered.


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