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1af 55 samsung rollable display


Over the years Samsung has been filing a great number of patents covering a wide range of possible future form factors that could once again them an edge over Apple's premium iPhone line. One consistent theme has been a slide-out or scrollable design (one, two and three). During a display trade show in San Francisco last week, Samsung presented their first prototype of such a form factor as presented below.




Although the prototype appears to be a little flimsy, it should be pointed out that Samsung has already been working on that very point so as to strengthen the back of the display to keep it better uniformed as noted below.


2af 55 samsung

While Samsung's prototype of a scrollable smartphone at the trade show was rather interesting, it doesn't mean that we'll be seeing it in the market anytime soon.


Samsung presented a booklet styled smartphone way back at CES 2009 as presented below and we've yet to see any sign that Samsung is closer to actually delivering it.


For now it's just a dog and pony trick to show off their theoretical innovation that unfortunately remains locked up in engineering rooms likened to inventions and experiments being tested at Area 54.




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