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LG Innotek to be Apple's Exclusive Dual Camera Module Supplier

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While rumors have been swirling around for some time now that Apple could turn to LG for the iPhone 7's dual lens camera, news out of Korea today confirms and clarifies this position. An industry source has told Business Korea that "LG Innotek will exclusively supply dual camera module to Apple's iPhone 7 Plus, which will come out in September this year."


The report futher noted that "The company will begin the shipment of dual camera module as early as this month. LG Innotek will monopolize the supply this year and there can be other vendors next year.


Sony, which was mentioned for potential dual camera module supplier, along with LG Innotek, announced that it would get out of the high-end camera module business through its forecast report in May. The company will continue to produce camera modules only which will be used in its smartphones.


Meanwhile, Sony dismissed the possibility of image sensor supply disruption caused by the earthquakes. So to clarify, the Business Korean report noted that "The company is a sole supplier of image sensors which are used to produce camera modules for Apple's iPhones to LG Innotek." An image sensor is a semiconductor which converts the light passing through the lens into a digital signal. It is a core component of camera modules.


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