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When the news broke that Samsung had signed a deal with Apple for OLED displays for the 2017 iPhone, it somehow cemented the reality that Apple was actually making the leap to a display technology it once downplayed as inferior. Of course behind the scenes Apple had their engineers working on various next-gen flexible OLED display patents, so it was a little difficult to take Cook's comments all that seriously. Looking forward, the news today out of Korea is that Samsung demonstrated a 5.5 inch smartphone 4K OLED display at a recent display trade show in California that may be coming to market in 2017.


A UBI Research official told the Korean press that "Samsung Display showcased a 5.5 ultra-high definition 4K display with a pixel density of 806 ppi for virtual reality devices at the Society for Information Display, a display trade show in California."


The official added that "Considering various factors including the production yield rate for the next-generation display expected to improve in the coming months, the 5.5-inch AMOLED will be deployed in the next Galaxy smartphone, presumably, named the S8."


The 4K display is considered important especially in the VR sector as major smartphone firms and VR gadget makers need to provide better VR experience for users than now. Many VR headsets, including the Samsung Gear VR, need to be paired with smartphones.


Considering that Samsung will be Apple's primary OLED supplier, it could very well mean that ultra-high definition 4K displays will eventually make their way into future iPhones. Until Samsung could ramp up sufficient manufacturing capacity for such a display, it's a long shot for the 2017 iPhone but could be ready sometime thereafter.


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