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Yesterday Apple was granted three design patents relating to OS X Mission Control in Hong Kong. Two of the design patents specifically cover the 'Spaces Bar' feature first introduced with last year's OS X El Capitan. When you mouse over the spaces bar, it expands to thumbnails so that you can visually identify all your workspaces immediately and switch to whichever one you need. From there, you can also rearrange screens and remove desktop spaces. The third design patent covers the Mission Control feature known as "Split View." The three design patents covered a total of 14 illustrations showing the transitions of each of the two features. Our report provides you with only seven of the illustrations for the sake of brevity.


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Mission Control: Split View


8 split view mission control

9a split view #2

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Hong Kong Granted Design Patent Registry Form In-Part


Below is one of three granted design patent registry forms showing the dates that the designs were entered into the system and the dates of them being registered or "granted" in Hong Kong, China, being yesterday 24.06.2016. The three design patents are numbered 1502584.6M001 to 6M003.


10 - 1 of 3 patent design registration forms hong kong

10. 1 PA - Bar - News


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