Apple wins 2 Design Patents for their Smart Battery Case
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Apple Wins 2 Design Patents for the iPad Pro's Smart Keyboard


1af 55 cover smart keyboard ipad pro

It's been a big day for Apple design patents. Earlier today we noted that Apple was granted three design patents in Hong Kong covering OS X 'Spaces Bar' and 'Split View' features followed by two design patents for their Smart Battery iPhone case. The last two design patents that we discovered today in the Hong Kong Patent and Trademark database are for the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard under numbers 1600367.5M001 and 5M002.


Apple introduced the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard on November 9, 2015 at a special event along with the Apple Pencil. Apple's Smart Keyboard further extended the utility of iPad Pro by offering a full-sized keyboard in a thin, durable design so that you could take it anywhere. Apple also introduced their innovative Smart Connector port at that time, eliminating the need for a separate battery, on/off switch or Bluetooth pairing.


2af 55 smart keyboard iPad pro




Hong Kong Granted Design Patent Registry Form In-Part


Below is one of the granted design patent registry forms showing the dates that the designs were entered into the system and the dates of them being registered or "granted" in Hong Kong, China.


4af design patent form

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