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Apple Granted 33 Patents Today Covering the Apple TV System, Gesture Passwords & Mystery iPad

Apple Granted Two Apple Store Patents Covering Security Display Stands & Smart Packaging

10.5 Granted Patents -

1af 55 cover apple store fixtures


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 33 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. In this particular report we cover two inventions relating to Apple Stores.


Granted Patent: Systems and Methods for Securing Handheld Electronic Devices


Apple's newly granted patent generally relates to systems and methods for securing handheld electronic devices and more, particularly to systems and methods for securing handheld electronic devices to fixtures while also coupling such devices to power and data transfer cables in Apple retails stores.


2af 55 Apple Store docks, display stands


Patently Apple first covered this granted patent as a patent application back in Q3 2011. See our original report for more graphics and details. Today's granted patent 9,373,236 dates back to 2010.


Granted Patent: Active Electronic Media Device Packaging


Apple's newly granted patent generally relates to electronic media devices, and, more particularly, to active packaging for electronic media devices that allows power, data, or both power and data to be supplied to one or more electronic devices housed within the active packaging.


3af smart packaging

Apple's patent FIG. 7A noted above shows us an example of an active packaging design. To provide power to electronic media device, Apple states that a wireless power receiver module may be built into or attached to the active package. For example, the antenna 714 may receive RF signals from an RF power transmitter and convert the received RF energy into direct current. The current may be used to power or charge the electronic media device while it's housed inside the active package.


Patently Apple first covered Apple's first granted patent for this invention in March 2014. Apple's granted patent 9,371,155 was originally filed in 2013.


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