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Patently Apple first covered the VirnetX vs. Apple patent infringement case back in November 2011. Since then it's bounced around the courts (One, two and three) with VirnetX winning their case in February 2016. Today we're learning that VirnetX is going for the jugular and asking the Court to shut down Apple's popular FaceTime and iMessage features while the case goes to appeal.


Today Law360 reports that VirnetX has asked a judge to shut down Apple's infringing products FaceTime and iMessage. At a post-trial hearing Wednesday, Texas technology company VirnetX argued that although an injunction blocking Apple's popular video chatting and messaging features, along with a virtual private network on demand feature, may seem like a harsh remedy, it is necessary because of the irreparable harm Apple's infringement caused the company.


Because of the chaos this would bring to Apple's customers, it's hard to believe that the judge is going to expedite such an injunction prior to a proper appeal on Apple's part. It's a tactic that makes a lot of noise but is unlikely to prevail. I don't even want to think of the consequences of a ruling in VirnetX's favor. We'll deal with that should it ever occur.


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