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Earlier this month we covered the opening of Apple's new Union Square Apple Store with its new features such as the Avenue, Genius Grove, The Boardroom and more. The new building design introduced massive 40 foot sliding glass doors that could one day turn that store into an iCar showroom if they wanted to. Over the weekend we learned from BuildZoom, a company who compiled all of the permits for the new Union Square Apple Store, that Apple spent $24 million at minimum on this one store alone.


The estimated breakdown of the costs started with the shell of the building costing Apple $19 million. Some of the other costs included $1 million on the staircase alone. If there's 30 stairs that $33,333 per stair. That's probably the salary of one Apple Store floor rep per year.


The other listed costs included the following:


  • $2.28 million: Total cost of upgrading the building's sprinkler system.
  • $800,000: Value of the 50 kilowatt solar power apparatus on the roof.
  • $250,000: Price of the building's interior and exterior frame.
  • $150,000: Cost of installing canopy panels.
  • $100,000: Price of demolishing the old storefront.
  • $100,000: Seismic upgrades for the second floor and roof.
  • $82,000: The cost of installing the signage on the exterior building.
  • $50,000: Cost of a single guard rail on "stair number six."
  • $50,000: The price of just the store's shelving.
  • $50,000: The price for just the structural supports for the ginormous video wall.
  • $4,000: Price of the fire alarms


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