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Rumors of Apple adopting a dual lens camera solution for their Next iPhone began in November 2014 and by June 2015 the pieces of the puzzle were coming together, making the rumors sound more than plausible. Such rumors were taken very seriously by Apple competitor Huawei, who launched their new flagship smartphone the P9 yesterday with a dual camera system.


As the third largest smartphone maker in the world, Huawei is determined to go all out in a new marketing campaign in an effort to challenge both current market leaders Samsung and Apple. As noted below, Huawei has Scarlett Johansson promoting the new slick phone that offers a dual lens camera engineered by Leica that comes with two 12 MB sensors, offers Laser Assisted Focus, High Precision Depth Measurements, USB Type-C for faster charging, a fingerprint scanner and more.




With their consumer brand growing 73% in 2015, they're now the number one brand in China and in the top three in Europe.


Below is another video of the official unboxing of the new Huawei P9 by Lewis Hilsenteger of 'Unbox Therapy' that hams it up like only he can.




It will go on sale starting at US$700 in Europe on April 19 and likely only sold in the US via online stores. With Huawei's previous P8 smartphone model only selling 5 million units, the P9 is unlikely to rock Apple's world in any way. But it could be another headache for Samsung's Galaxy S7 that just got off the ground. The P9 is likely to stop the Galaxy S7 from gaining further traction and ensure that Huawei remains the smartphone leader in China for some time. Well, at least until the iPhone 7 arrives, that is.


At the end of the day, the good news is that the first high-end dual lens camera has come to market on a smartphone and that bodes well that we'll see it on Apple's iPhone 7 this September. Well, we hope to see it in September if all goes well and it'll just make the wait all the sweeter until it does.




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