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Apple Files for the Figurative 'Music Memos' Logo Trademark


1AF 88 music memos


Today the Hong Kong Patent and Trademark Office revealed Apple's trademark application for their bright orange figurative 'Music Memo' logo. Apple formally introduced the new Music Memos on January 20, 2016 in a press release. Music Memos lets musicians and songwriters quickly capture, organize and develop their musical ideas on their iPhone. You could learn more about Music Memos here. Apple's word based trademark filing for Music Memos was filed with USPTO in early February.


Apple Files for Music Memo Figurative Music Memo Logo

2AF  Apple Music Memos

Apple's Hong Kong Trademark Application In-Part


3af 88 Hong Kong

Apple filed their Music Memo's logo under International Class 9 which covers such things as computers; computer peripherals; computer hardware; hand held computers; tablet computers; laptop computers; handheld digital electronic devices capable of providing access to the Internet and for the sending, receiving, and storing of telephone calls, electronic mail, and other digital data; wearable computer peripherals; wearable computer hardware; peripherals for mobile devices; wearable digital electronic devices capable of providing access to the internet, for sending, receiving and storing of telephone calls, electronic mail, and other digital data; smartwatches; computer cables, monitors and display screens, keyboards, mice and mouse pads, styluses, printers, and disk drives and hard drives; sound recording and reproducing apparatus; digital audio and video players and recorders; motor vehicle audio apparatus; voice recording and voice recognition apparatus; radios, radio transmitters, and receivers; earphones, headphones; audio speakers; microphones; audio components and accessories; audio, video, and digital mixers; audio amplifiers; audio receivers; audio decoders; network communication apparatus; electronic communication equipment and instruments; telecommunications apparatus and instruments; telephones; mobile phones; wireless communication devices for voice, data or image transmission; cables; apparatus and media for data storage; computer chips; optical apparatus and instruments and more.


Apple filed for the word based version of the trademark for 'Music Memo' with the US Patent and Trademark Office in February under serial number 86901411 with a more honed set of entries under Class 9 as follows:


"Computer software used in connection with musical composition and songwriting; computer software used to analyze, record, and catalog melodies, vocal performances, musical instruments, musical compositions, and musical notation."


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