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In a Korean Press report today they're expressing their amazement at the extent of the Samsung Galaxy S7 promotion in the U.S. and how lopsided the smartphone war is between Samsung and LG in these promotions.


One report today notes that the "four U.S. wireless carriers – Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile – are recently carrying out unprecedented promotional events for the Galaxy S7 and the G5 to attract customers. The most notable part is that local carriers are offering more benefits to Galaxy S7 buyers than those who purchase the G5. Literally, a consumer gets one free when he buys one."


Yet the craziest deal to date is coming from AT&T this month. According to the report, "AT&T, the second largest carrier in the nation, says it will give a 48-inch Samsung TV as a freebie to Galaxy S7 buyers on the condition that they subscribe to the carrier's satellite TV service by the end of April." On the flipside, wireless carriers only give buyers of the LG G5 smartphone a free battery pack.


It appears that it's Samsung who is going all-out to push free phones because LG has been showing better smartphone sales in the U.S. While Samsung's recent profits have been meager, LG just reported a 70% leap in profits in Q1.


Yet in the U.S. it's pretty clear that Samsung's big giveaway is cleverly designed to fool analysts into thinking that record "volume" of their latest smartphones equates to record breaking sales, which it clearly doesn't. Samsung is desperately trying to show that their S7 is a real competitor to the iPhone 6s – especially in China.


Whether Samsung's tactics will be able to actually change market perception about their sinking brand is unknown at this time, but at least the Korean Press is now acknowledging that Samsung's recent supposed surge in S7 units 'sales' isn't based on the smartphone selling on its merits alone.


We wondered aloud last week why the Korean press wasn't questioning Samsung at their press conference on the massive 2-for-1 sale in the U.S. With today's story surfacing in Korea, it's clear that they were completely in the dark about the massive give-away sale in the U.S. and Samsung was hoping that it stay that way. Too bad 'Sammy' – the cat is out of the bag. Imagine having to give away a 48" HDTV just to get people to buy an Galaxy S7. Ha! How insane is that!


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