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Samsung Wins Several Design Patents for New Smartphone Form Factors with Flexible Displays




Without a doubt, Samsung is looking for new flexible display designs that will interest consumers and hopefully provide them with one or more hits over time. Recently Apple doubled down on delivering a new 4" iPhone model called the iPhone SE with modern specifications for a segment of the market that has no interest in phablets. Thus far pre-orders in China are saying that this could be a good seller for Apple. Interestingly Samsung is likewise contemplating a smaller smartphone and one that could be detachable from a watch band. Samsung's second idea is a flexible display based bracelet that appears to be more of a Galaxy smartphone accessory. And lastly, the third design patent covers a smartphone with an expandable display, a common theme of Samsung's of late (one and two).


To date, smartphones with flexible displays have yet to capture the imagination of the consumer. Though as designs get bolder, as some of these new designs suggest, it begins to get a little interesting. Samsung needs a winning design to become the top premium brand OEM to dislodge Apple. Will one of these new designs be a future winner? While only time will tell, Samsung is under pressure, as the next few iPhone designs being rumored sound like they could be game changers once again. For more on these new designs see our full Patently Mobile report here.


Smartphone with Expandable Display



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