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There have been countless drone reports over the last year showing off various stages of Apple's new headquarters in development. It began to take shape in August last year and by November we were able to see real progress. Now Apple has shared new and dramatic photos with Mashable. The most dramatic involves the theater that will serve as the venue for future Apple product launches. The roof of the theater being put in place recently is seen above in our cover graphic. Click on any of the images in this report to see them fully enlarged.


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Apple believes that their impressive roof is the largest freestanding carbon-fiber roof ever made. Created by Dubai-based Premier Composite Technologies, it's a massive statement piece, in addition to a design feat. The roof was added to the Theater last month.


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The circular roof is made up of 44 identical radial panels averaging 70 feet long and 11 feet wide, and each connects to a small central hub positioned in the middle. It was assembled and tested in a Dubai desert before being shipped in pieces to Cupertino, California. It weighs 80 tons.


Mashable notes that "Considering how Apple is known for its precise, innovative and controlled designs, it comes as no surprise it is taking the same approach for its new headquarters, on a scale that's never been quite seen before." For more on this story including more photos, see the full Mashable report here.


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