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Yesterday we posted a report that "Kanye West Comes Unglued as he Begs for more Tidal Music Streaming Subscribers & Beyond." Later in the day, Kanye was back with yet more colorful commentary on this twitter site where he announced that his music will never be on iTunes or Apple Music. For a guy who's begging for money to get out of debt, his bizarre decision runs contrary to his self-professed needs.


Oh, and while he was at it, he made it clear that he doesn't want 'white publications' like The Rolling Stone and others covering Black Music going forward. Not just his music, but all black music.


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Kanye West's egotistical and angry tweets are just bad for business, a bad reflection on Tidal. Do Jay-Z, BeyoncĂ© and others feel the same way about 'white publications? Will they pull their music from iTunes next? Is Tidal going to be a black-fan only streaming service in the future? You'd think it by West's latest blathering tweets, but it's likely just West acting out again as if he had some form of Tourette syndrome. He just can't help himself blurting out anything in his head. Then again, that's just one man's opinion. 


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