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A civil action was launched by the U.S government through Edward L. Stanton III, United States Attorney, and Christopher E. Cotten, Assistant United States Attorney for the Western District of Tennessee, against three company owners for being in possession of products that falsely carried Apple and Samsung trademarks. The filing specified the forfeiture (commonly known as seizure) of property including the following products:


A. Two Thousand (2,000) Counterfeit Samsung Cell Phone Batteries;

B. Four Thousand (4,000) Counterfeit Samsung Cell Phone Chargers; and

C. One Thousand (1,000) Counterfeit Apple Cell Phone Headsets


The company owners named in the civil lawsuit were noted as being Eric Ding of Francois LTD, Philip Yu of Eagle Harvest Telecom Co. Ltd and, Mike Lehmann of Cellex LLC. For your convenience, we've added a copy of the lawsuit in full below.


Patently Apple - USA v. Assorted Electronic Equipment Bearing the RTM of Samsung and Apple


The case was filed in the Tennessee Western District Court, Memphis Office on February 16, 2016. No Judge is noted on the docket at present.


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