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In October
we posted a detailed report about Samsung preparing to adopt Synaptics latest 3D-Touch technology. We noted that Synaptics reportedly owns the '3D Touch' trademark which would allow Samsung to call it the same as Apple's feature or call it Samsung 3D Touch like they did with Samsung Pay to mirror Apple's branding. Samsung actually had the technology first via Synaptics but could make it a viable feature. Apple once again took a Samsung feature and turned into their advantage by doing it right. Today, the Wall Street Journal catches up to the news we posted in October and adds a few new feature details.


The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports that "Samsung Electronics Co. will add a pressure-sensitive display and a new high-speed charging port (USB Type-C) to its coming line of flagship smartphones slated to be launched in March, according to people familiar with the matter.


The South Korean technology company is also considering adding a retina scanner to some versions of the flagship device, though with three months to go, these people said that features could change." In November 2013 we posted a report about Samsung's Retina Scanner patent/invention and the rumors that began to surface in in early 2014.


While Samsung is searching for a radical new smartphone form factor that could capture the consumer's imagination away from the iPhone, Samsung's new mobile division president noted earlier this month that 2016 would be a tough year. So at best we'll see incremental, evolutionary changes coming to the Galaxy line-up in 2015 as those noted in our earlier reports of 3D touch and possibly a retina scanner.


In contrast, the rumors surrounding the new iPhone 7 have been pointing to more aggressive changes on the way, although rumors are a moving target that are full of wishful thinking.


For now, while the news about Samsung adopting 3D Touch displays is already old, it's always noteworthy when the WSJ weighs in, even when late.


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