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Jony Ive is renowned for his industrial design savviness at Apple. But his latest design for the revised Apple Magic Mouse 2 isn't one of his finest moments, according to some. The backchannel blog can't get over the new design: "This is ridiculous. It's obviously ridiculous. It looks wrong, and was so absurd I at first assumed it was a joke image, or that someone had just jammed a lightning cable into the old version of the Magic Mouse." A tweet from Ben Shive that's presented in the Backchannel commentary states: "Apple, you're supposed to be better than this. Magic Mouse 2 clearly takes the lazy engineering route over usability." Beyond the bizarre-o look of the Apple Mouse 2 when charging, the reviews of the new Apple accessory are all over the map as well. You could check out Engadget's overview report covering 323 reviews here. Some laugh at it while others absolutely love it. And if you're a geek at heart then you could view the iFixit teardown report below if it helps you decide if the new mouse is right for you. At the end of the day, if you happen to be using the new Apple mouse, then please take a moment and send in your comments below to tell us what your take is on Apple's new mouse. Is it magical or a mistake?




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