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10.4 - Patent Application

Today the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple pertaining to Apple Pay. Beyond biometrics that are discussed in this invention, this latest Apple Pay related patent talks about setting up user profiles for business associates and employees for varying permissions including the use of making limited online purchases..


Apple's Invention: Use of a Biometric Image for Authorization


Apple's invention generally relates to the use of one or more biometric images to authorize or permit an action or task. While Apple's patent application 20150304323 covers a lot of territory regarding Apple Pay and biometrics, the discussion of setting up guest profiles for family, friends or employees appeared to be new because of its ability to allow employees and others to use your Apple Pay account under strict conditions.


Apple's patent FIG. 14 noted below is a flowchart of a method for permitting a guest user to access to an electronic device. The guest user is an enrolled guest user in one embodiment. In other words, the guest user has performed an enrollment process that captures one or more fingerprint images prior to the performance of the method shown in FIG. 14. At least one of the fingerprint images entered during the enrollment process by the guest user can be used as a reference fingerprint image.


A user profile is similar to the guest mode, but can allow the guest user to access a greater number of functions and applications, and/or allow a device owner to customize the applications and functions accessible by each guest user. For example, a guest user A may be allowed to send text messages and access the web to view websites, while a guest user B can access the web to view websites and make purchases on online stores, make telephone calls (when the electronic device is a smart telephone), and take photos. The ability to view photos, change Wi-Fi connections, activate airplane mode, set the alarm clock, and read texts and emails can be denied to one or both guest users through respective user profiles


A user can require that a sequence of fingerprint images be captured and matched to a sequence of reference fingerprint images before the user can access and/or make purchases on the online store. The user can specify the number of fingerprint images in the sequence, which fingerprints are included in the sequence, and/or the order of the fingerprint images in the sequence. For example, a user can require that two fingerprint images be captured before a setting is changed, and the fingerprints to be scanned along with the order of the scans are the right index finger and the left ring finger.


A device owner can create a customized user profile for one or more guest users. For example, a device owner can create a user profile for close friends, children, or business associates. Alternatively, an employer can create user profiles that are specific to certain employees



In patent FIG. 12 we see an example notification that can be displayed to the second user. A first window 1200 can inform the second user of the purchase the first user is attempting to complete and request authorization that can allow the first user to complete the purchase. For example, the second user can receive a text message and respond with another text message. The response can include the word "yes" or "no" for authorization of the purchase, and if desired, may include a number representing the amount of money the first user is authorized to spend.


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