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Apple's iOS 9 which begins shipping this Wednesday is reportedly a smaller download which comes in at about 1.4 GB. That's dramatically smaller from iOS 8 which took up 4.6 GB of space. That's quite remarkable considering that Apple has added 3D Touch and many other features. While some of the new features like 3D Touch are reserved for the new iPhone 6s line-up, there will be plenty of new features on the way to give older iPhones a little boost as well. Some of the the new improvements include the following: 


Better Security: Apple is upping the passcode digital requirement to 6 digits, up from 4.


New Apps: Apple News will debut with CNN, ESPN, The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, Vanity Fair and many more on board ., which is their answer to Flipboard and others. Apple is updating 'Notes," Maps with public transit routes and more.


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Apple Pay Update: You'll be able to access Wallet by double-clicking the Home button when your iPhone is locked. Soon you'll be able to use store credit cards, like Kohl's Charge or JCPenney Credit Card. And you'll be able to add rewards cards, like Dunkin' Donuts DD Perks, Walgreens Balance Rewards, and MyPanera, to your Wallet app and receive and redeem rewards — all right from Apple Pay.


Apple's iCloud Drive Update: The new iCloud Drive app built into iOS 9 allows you to access any file you save to iCloud from just one place — right on your Home screen.


New Multitasking for iPad: Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture give you new ways to multitask on iPad. New QuickType features make formatting and text selection even easier — and put shortcuts right at your fingertips.


Siri will introduce more intelligent Search: You know Siri as a helpful assistant you can talk to, but Siri is also the technology that powers search on your iPhone and iPad. And now you can get even more answers when you type in the search field. Siri also is about to become a more proactive digital assistant based on the apps you commonly use and the time of day you use them, you'll get intelligent suggestions for what you might want to do next — even before you ask.


And lastly, Apple iOS 9 will bring better battery life – which is always great news. For a complete overview of what's coming to iOS 9, check out Apple's webpage here.


And One More thing: Apple's iOS 9 will make it Easier for Androiders to Switch to the iPhone


On July 22 Apple's CEO Tim Cook noted during their Financial Conference Call that the strong iPhone results were broad based in both developed and emerging markets and they experienced the highest switcher rate in Android than they ever measured. Just two days later we posted a report titled "Apple Has a Personal Message for Potential Androider Switchers."


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During Apple's iPhone event last week, Apple's Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing, noted that a new 'Move to iOS' app is coming to Android Store (Google Play) to make the switch from Android to iOS easier than ever. Apple notes that Android phones can be recycled at any Apple Store when purchasing a new iPhone.




So there's a little something for iPhone 6s users, for users with older iPhones and now even something special for Switchers to the iPhone. When introducing the 'Move to iOS' app, Schiller stated: "it's the neighborly thing to do, right?"




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