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After the Apple Event on September 9 we posted two reports regarding patents fulfilled (one and two) covering everything from Apple Pencil to the new iPad Pro keyboard to quad iPad speakers to Apple TV Remote with Siri and more. Today we discovered yet another patent that was fulfilled regarding Apple's new Apple TV with Siri Remote. Patently Apple discovered a patent application in Europe back in late 2014 and our report was titled "A European Patent Filing from Apple Describes Voice Controls Destined for a Television and the Apple TV Set Top Box."


Apple's EU patent filing stated that "The techniques described herein may be implemented in and/or used with a number of different types of devices, including but not limited to hearing aids, remote controls, wireless speakers, set top box devices, television systems, cellular phones, and computers. More specifically, the patent noted that "the remote control may receive audio signals (e.g., voice commands for controlling the set top box) from a user via a microphone, and may provide audio data corresponding to those audio signals as an input audio stream to the set the top box via BLE communication.


Apple's patent FIG. 3 noted in our cover graphic above shows a user speaking to the remote controller to send commands to Apple TV.


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