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A new report we learned today that Samsung continues to slip as businesses favor Apple's iPhone and that Samsung's new Galaxy S6 edge+ is already bombing. And just in case you missed it this week, Mr. Bendgate himself was back in the news with his more scientific test on the upcoming iPhone 6s frame that showed that there's more than a 2.5X improvement over the original iPhone 6's frame.


On the consumer front, a new report from Tech Target quotes Anshul Gupta, research director at Gartner as saying that "The Galaxy S6 did not live up to their expectations as the [sales] numbers are even lower than the Galaxy S5, so that was a disappointment. It wasn't adding any significant value to the end-users." Although it's a little too early to count the S6 a total loser at this point in time, getting Gartner to come out swinging so early is definitely a bad sign of things to come.


Tech Target noted Gupta adding that "The Galaxy S6 featured Samsung's new edge screen that is curved around the side of the device, allowing users to view notifications, frequently used apps and stock tickers. These features aren't enough to differentiate the phone from the rest of the market or the S5." Gupta emphasized that the lack of innovation for the S6 greatly impacted its sales numbers. He later added that "There was no additional value. That is really important. That is where the Samsung Galaxy S6 really failed to get users to go for this device." I don't know if I've ever read a report from a Gartner analyst that was so passionately disappointed in a smartphone before. It's quite the stinging review.


On the corporate front, Patrick Moorhead, president and principal analyst of Austin, Texas-based research firm, Moor Insights & Strategy went on record stating that "Samsung is not gaining any presence in the corporate markets as the fragmentation of Android 'scares' IT departments from a security perspective. It makes it more difficult to manage security and deployment versus iOS, which is not fragmented and keeps getting more secure. That has impacted Samsung in a big way."


Moorhead added that "Macs have been in enterprises for decades, Moorhead added. Even though it's a smaller percentage than Windows, Mac OS is still the number-two PC operating system in terms of market share. If Samsung were serious about work, they'd have a line of PCs for work. It's hard to address the enterprise with a point product."


Mr. Bendgate Tests Apple's new iPhone 6s Frame


In case you missed it this week, Lewis Hilsenteger, Mr. Bendgate himself, was back in the news testing out Apple's iPhone 6s's 7000 series aluminum frame. This time he used a little more scientific method than his original bend test that was conducted by only using his hands. That form of testing raised eyebrows and a lot of condemnation. Later testing of the iPhone 6 from pro sources proved that in fact it was Samsung's Galaxy S5 that bent much faster than the iPhone 6, contrary to Hilsenteger's personal claims.


This time around Hilsenteger used actual testing equipment that ended up showing that Apple's new 7000 series aluminum iPhone 6s frame is more than 2.5X stronger as noted in his video below.




In the end it sounds like the iPhone 6s will indeed have a stronger frame as we fully expected to find, though we'll still have to wait and see what the test results from Square Trade and/or Consumer Reports are before we can verify Unbox Therapy's test results.


The September bend tests are likely to compare the iPhone 6s to the Galaxy S6 edge+ side by side. With Samsung's smartphone having glass edges, Apple's new iPhone 6s is likely to win hands down. It'll really come down to how much stronger it is.


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