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China's Commercial Times is reporting today that Foxconn is forbidding its employees in the Zhengzhou plant from having day-offs one week prior to the launch of iPhone 6S in September.


The report further noted that Foxconn's Zhengzhou plant has been recruiting new employees since the company received large orders for the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and the iPhone 6C, which is expected to debut in September.


Foxconn has also expanded the age range for its new employees from 23-40 to 18-45 since August, hoping to have as many workers as possible. Its industrial robot Foxbot will also play a role in the manufacturing process of the iPhone 6S.


Interesting iPhone 6c Upgrade Specs


And lastly the report noted that the anticipated iPhone 6C will keep its 4-inch display but be powered by an A8 processor instead of the A6, with a near field communication (NFC) function that enables smartphones to establish radio communication with each other. The smaller iPhone 6C will also for the first time offer Touch ID and support Apple Pay.


The A8 processor is usually accompanied by a motion processor which wasn't mentioned in the report. If the report actually pans out, then Apple is obviously out to make the iPhone 6c a more competitive product for emerging markets where the majority of Android phones are offering consumers higher end specifications at price points closer to $200.


The new iPhone 6c specifications could definitely give the entry iPhone more appeal. Whether Apple intends to lower the price of this unit a little to provide it some added punch is unknown at this time. 


For  the record, rumors about Apple's iPhone 6c have been all over the place this month. Some rumors pointed to the iPhone being released in September while others pointed to November. One rumor from Taiwan at the top of the month pushed the debut of the iPhone 6c out until 2016. The reasoning for the widely divergent rumors over the iPhone 6c isn't known at this time, but now I'm more curious than ever to find out what Apple has in store for their upgraded entry level iPhone.


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