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The ABC show Good Morning America this morning reported that Apple is part of the White House initiative known as ConnectED that is focused on connecting 99 percent of U.S. schools to good technology. Apple's CEO Tim Cook spoke with Good Morning America's co-anchor Robin Roberts about the company's goals within the program that is focused on an academic revolution that aims to prepare these students for the 21st century.


Cook stated, "I think technology has to be a key part of education. Too many times today kids aren't given the right for a great public education and this isn't right. It's not fair. I wouldn't be where I am today without a great public education." Cook added that "The technology will help children learn better in the 21st century."


Tuskegee Public School in Alabama is among 114 others in 29 states that are starting the school year with Apple iPads, technology that many children haven't experienced before and the teachers are already noticing a difference.


One Tuskegee Public School teacher told Roberts that "It means a lot to me, because you can do a lot at a faster rate. It's hands-on with everything in them … Last year we didn't have that. But this is day seven, eight, and we did a whole lot."



Cook later added that "Kids today, they're born in a digital world, but too many kids, when it comes time for the 8 o'clock bell to ring, go to an analog world. It's not engaging." As for what the young students now using an iPad for the first time should do with the new-to-them technology, Cook had three words: '"Explore, discover, create."'


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