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It was just last year that T-Mobile began letting consumers stream music for free on a number of popular music services, including Pandora, Rhapsody, iHeart Radio, Slacker, and Spotify. On Tuesday, Apple Music joined the list of services that don't count against your monthly 4G LTE data bucket.


A Message to Apple Fans from T-Mobile's CEO John Legere


T-Mobile's CEO John Legere stated the following on his twitter site today in a video:


"If you love music and your iPhone you're going to love this. First we're amping-up Un-Carrier 6.0, that's Music Freedom by adding Apple Music. Effective immediately Apple Music streams free on T-Mobile. You know Apple Music has been the single most requested addition to Music Freedom. Thousands of requests on my Twitter feed … I had to do this for you. This isn't the first update that we've made to Music Freedom and it won't be the last."


Now here's the second part and you're going to love this. With Jump on Demand we already offer the industry's best monthly price on a new iPhone. A 16 Gig iPhone 6 for $15 bucks per month with a trade-in – Plus, the freedom to upgrade when you want with zero out of pocket cost. But hey, if we can make that deal even better why wouldn't we.



I know it's that time of year when you want a new iPhone but you're hesitant because there may be a newer model on the horizon. While I can't say anything about what Apple will or won't be doing, but what I can do is take that hesitation completely out of your mind with this new offer.


Here's how – and this is an industry first. Get an iPhone 6 or 6-Plus with Jump on Demand with T-Mobile between now and Labor Day and we're going to let you lock in the price of your next iPhone. You could get that industry best price of $15 bucks a month and you lock in that same price for your next iPhone if you buy it before year-end. No gimmicks, no bullshit, nothing out of pocket. Nothing more to pay. If you already have that $15 a month deal, by the way, this applies to you too. Pretty great right?


One last thing to top it all off: Not only can you lock in your price, but we're also going to give you exclusive early access to any new iPhone that launches later this year. When you or any other eligible customer orders a new iPhone during the first 48 hours that it's available, we'll give your order priority. So you'll be amongst the very first to get your brand new iPhone."


I like this guy. Maybe he should run for President of the U.S.


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