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The older I get, the more I stick to my guns and avoid first generation products like the plague. Sometimes the golden rule is broken and sometimes it pays off. But in general, I've saved myself a lot of headaches by not being first to jump into something new. Over the last year I purchased Apple's first phablet and trusted it hoping that it was just a bigger iPhone that they've almost perfected. So not too much risk there. My PC is on its last legs and Windows 10 is coming and on that front I'm passing on the July 29th launch freebie. Microsoft is going to have to prove they've got it right before I jump in. Apple Music was another hard choice. I love iTunes and so how could they screw up Apple Music? And yet I held off and was thinking of tinkering with it during my holidays when I'll have some down time to set it up and experiment. But that decision blew up this morning when I read Jim Dalrymple's report titled "Apple Music is a nightmare and I'm done with it." Everyone in the Apple community knows Jim is a music fanatic and musician – and if he got screwed with 4700 missing songs, that all but killed my willingness to tippy-toe into Apple Music next month. More disturbing was that Jim's first take and review of Apple Music praised it. What the heck happened there?


Jim Dalrymple's June 30th review started like this: "Music is an important part of my life. I care about every aspect of music, from creating to mixing, playing to listening, and seeing bands live. I feel music in my soul. Music has the ability to make me sad, angry, happy and every emotion in between.


I sat down yesterday with Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, and Beats Founder Jimmy Iovine to talk about Apple Music. I also started using the new service myself, so I wanted to give you my thoughts on what I found so far, good and bad.


In-part, Jim concluded by stating that "I'm damned impressed. Apple Music is a quality service, with the right mix of human curation and algorithms to help users figure out exactly what they want to hear. I can only imagine that the service will get better from here."


In less than 30 days, Jim has completely and utterly condemned Apple Music and is returning to Spotify. Ouch!


That's likely the best advertising that Spotify could have ever dreamed of getting. Most Apple fans that may have been sitting on the sidelines, like myself, will heed to Jim's warning loud and clear. If Jim's experience was that much of a catastrophe, I don't want the headache.


Jim Dalrymple's bombshell titled "Apple Music is a nightmare and I'm done with it," is a must read for anyone sitting on the sidelines regarding Apple Music.


The sad thing is that it's probably Jim's real review of Apple Music with the first one being a PR Job set up by Apple. How else do you go from absolutely loving something to absolutely dumping it within 30 days? Apple has their go-to-guys when they want a certain review to go a certain way be it Mossberg or others. And so I appreciate Dalrymple's willingness to do an about face and call it as he saw it.


The question now is: how many others have experienced similar nightmares? Is it common or one in a million? Whether you've had a nightmare or great experience with Apple Music, take a moment to write a quick comment to help others sitting on the sidelines know whether to jump in or wait it out until Apple gets their act together. It would be greatly appreciated by all.


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