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Yesterday Intel Corporation and Micron Technology unveiled 3D XPoint (verbalized as CrossPoint) technology, a non-volatile memory that has the potential to revolutionize any device, application or service. New 3D XPoint technology brings non-volatile memory speeds up to 1,000 times faster than NAND, the most popular non-volatile memory in the marketplace today by being transistor-less. The new technology makes new innovations possible in applications ranging from machine learning to real-time tracking of diseases and immersive 8K gaming. Now we can see why Apple is moving to iMacs with 8K displays. Other Apple technologies that could be impacted include Siri, future hand gesturing and advanced biometrics.



Super-geeks can watch the full Intel-Micron presentation and Q&A session in the video below. It's here where they point out that technologies related to hand gestures, speech recognition, voice recognition and advanced biometrics are mentioned in relation to XPoint technology.






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