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According to a new report, the 2016 Honda Accord will be the first mass-market car to come equipped with Apple CarPlay. The Honda Accord has long been a preferred sedan for sensible suburbanites and now it will roll out with Apple's cool CarPlay next month.


The Honda Accord has been considered a safe and reliable vehicle for some time now – but it hasn't be considered "'cool." Honda is hoping to change all that — while also keeping its reputation for safety and reliability. Not only does the 2016 Accord have a jazzed up exterior and some high-tech devices, but most importantly, it will be the first mass-market car to come with Apple CarPlay.


Many other cars, like Chevrolet, Ford and Nissan will offer Apple CarPlay, but the Accord will be the first of the mass-market vehicles (after Ferrari) to come to market with it in August. For more on this, read the full Fortune report here.


While Honda's Accord may be first to market with CarPlay in a mass produced vehicle, Chevrolet is aiming to offer CarPlay in more vehicle models than any other car brand this year. However you slice it, the excitement over CarPlay is finally beginning to gather steam.


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