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At the top of the month we reported that Ericsson had filed two Letter Rogatory Motions with the Court to obtain discovery from two of Apple's foreign battery makers Simplo (Taiwan) and Shenzhen Desay Batter (China). Today we've learnt that Ericsson had recently filed a "Motion for Issuance of Letter of Request of Request for International Judicial Assistance," seeking discovery of another Apple supplier in their patent infringement case.


Ericsson is seeking discovery from Korean based Melfas who they believe possesses documents relevant to their investigation. Ericsson states in their motion that "Publically available documents show that Melfas may manufacture components of products accused of infringing the patents-in-suit in this investigation. More specifically, Melfas likely possesses information relevant to the touch- screen controller in certain accused products. Further, publically available documents show that Melfas may manufacture components of products for certain of Ericsson's licensees, which support Ericsson's domestic industry allegations in this Investigation …"


Ericsson's noted motion was initially filed in late June had been denied because Melfas wasn't properly notified and Apple not officially consenting to the Motion. This is now Ericsson's second attempt with this motion and this time they acknowledge notifying Melfas and that Apple hadn't opposed the motion.


It was also noted in the new motion that "Ericsson respectfully requests that the Court assign a Judge to this matter and expedite the issuance of the attached Letter of Request to Melfas Inc."


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