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It's being reported today that Samsung Electronics is seeking a partnership with Microsoft related to HoloLens to sharpen its wearable technology. Samsung has reportedly been looking for opportunities to manufacture innovative products and the HoloLens is considered to be a potential key technology for healthcare and medical devices.


A source for the report states that "By using HoloLens technology, for example, a doctor can check a patient's health status via a three-dimensional (3D) virtual image. Also, the technology will promote 3D rendering and 3D printing industries, helping manufacturers to save costs.


The collaboration between Samsung and MS in the HoloLens field will benefit both sides because Samsung has expertise in sensor chips and processors, while MS could establish an industry standard in HoloLens, officials said. Samsung has paid greater attention to MS-developed HoloLens technology, which is a combination of augmented and virtual-reality technology.


Samsung is cutting its dependence on consumer electronics, which is volatile and cyclical, gradually shifting its focus toward its non-consumer businesses.


MS aims to leapfrog Apple and Google into the next generation of mobile technology. Its HoloLens is a self-contained computer, operating independently from any PC or smartphone. Experts say mobile devices with digital holograms controlled by gestures and speech recognition will be a genuine advance.


Samsung has been experimenting with holographic technology, 3D interfaces and is currently engaged with working with Facebook's Oculus. With HoloLens being considered an Oculus killer, Samsung may be hedging their bet on next-generation holographic and augmented reality technology by working with Microsoft.


Though in the bigger picture, Samsung worked with Qualcomm for years and then switched to using their own processors for the new Galaxy S6 smartphone. So more than likely, Samsung is simply seeking to find out how the technology for the Oculus and HoloLens actually works and then introduce a Samsung line of products down the road. Samsung has long considered themselves as being "fast followers" and this is what fast followers or copycats do. The "collaboration" angle or facade is just a way of legitimately getting in the door.


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