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In August 2012 we reported on the jury ruling that Samsung had infringed on Apple's patents. And even thought it seems like forever and a day, we're finally at the stage of the appeals court ruling. A new report just published states that Apple's patented designs on its signature iPhone mobile phone were copied by chief rival Samsung Electronics Inc., a U.S. appeals court ruled Monday.


Bloomberg reports that "The appeals court did throw out part of the case, saying that the overall look of the iPhone can't be protected, and asked a lower court to recalculate $930 million in damages awarded to Apple in 2013.


According to a Samsung court filing, the portion of the damage award that will be tossed is $382 million, leaving $548 million that the Suwon, South Korea-based company would potentially have to pay to Apple."


Reuters added that "As part of its case, Apple had accused Samsung of diluting its brand and connection with customers by copying the look of its phones.


The appeals court said the features Apple sought to trademark were not eligible for this kind of legal protection because they are essential to the functioning of the phone. To grant such protection would give Apple a monopoly on these features forever, the court said."


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