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On Mar 26, we posted a report titled "TSMC Reportedly Wins the Bulk of Apple's iPhone Chip Business in 2015 including the new iPhone 6C." Earlier that month we posted another report titled "Daiwa Securities: TSMC has Won Most of Apple's A9 Business for 2015." Every time there's a positive story that TSMC has won the bulk of Apple's iPhone A9 chip business, there's a counter report that magically appears that says no, it's Samsung who has "now" won Apple's business. The rumor mill is completely out of control on this matter. Today, after it was TSMC who had won Apple's chip business, Bloomberg steps in with the latest rumor de jour and says no, it's really Samsung who has Apple's A9 chip business.


Bloomberg's byline tonight is "Samsung Said to Win Apple A9 Chip Orders for Next IPhone," with the same old arguments right down the line. Yet they write that "Kelly Yeo, a spokeswoman for Samsung, declined to comment. Kevin Kimbal, a Globalfoundries spokesman, said his company doesn't comment on any customer relationships. Josh Rosenstock, an Apple spokesman, declined to comment. Elizabeth Sun, a spokeswoman for TSMC, declined to comment." So everything else in the report is just filler noise.


At the end of the day, no one will comment, no one will confirm that they have the football, but the side-liners are calling the game like only an armchair coach could. The rumors are bound to shift several times before we actually see the chip in an iFixit iPhone teardown. Until then, I think there are brokers in the background who are whispering sweet nothings into the ears of the press that are all too willing to print what they think is a scoop. I no longer believe either side's exclusive news on the matter and won't be reporting on this silly ping pong game again until a clear winner emerges later this year.


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