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Today Apple gave big media the green light to post their Apple Watch reviews to positively promote Apple Watch in each and every way. Most reviewers loved the Apple Watch with a few minor negatives along the way which is to be expected for Apple Watch 1.0. But then there was the Verge's review by Nilay Patel. He just couldn't resist in clobbering the Apple Watch at every turn – but that's just Patel's in-your-face style that many have come to appreciate over time. With pre-orders of the Apple Watch starting this coming Friday, expect Apple's first wave media blitz to continue. 


The Wall Street Journal, Geoffrey A. Fowler: "With the Apple Watch, smartwatches finally make sense. The measure of their success shouldn't be how well they suck you in, but how efficiently they help you get things done. Living on your arm is part of that efficiency—as a convenient display, but also a way to measure your heart rate or pay at a cash register. This is a big idea about how we use technology, the kind of idea we expect from Apple." You could review the full review here. You could also check out Joanna Sterns review and video here.




USA TODAY, Ed Baig: "As one competing smartwatch after another burst onto the scene these past couple of years, I kept searching for strong reasons to snag one. Now that I've spent more than a week wearing the Apple Watch, I'm reserving a prominent spot on my wrist. Apple Watch is an elegant combination of style and purpose, even if it indeed often serves as a stand-in for the iPhone tucked away in your pocket or purse." Baig's Apple Watch review also includes an in-depth video that looks at various aspects of the device in the real-world such as using Apple Pay, opening  hotel doors and more. You could check out his full review here.


The Verge, Nilay Patel: If you're looking for a brutal review of the Apple Watch, then look no further, Patel is your man. If you were thinking about passing on Apple Watch 1.0, Patel will give you all the ammunition you'll ever need to ease your mind. Here's just one example of his review:


"I'll just be super blunt about the music app on the Apple Watch: it's not as good as wearing an old iPod nano on your wrist. Remember when turning sixth-generation iPods into watches was a thing? That nano did a great job of displaying a lot of music information on a tiny screen, and the Apple Watch does not. Song and album titles get cut off in lists and on the Now Playing Screen, album art isn't as big, there's no ability to sync podcasts, and on and on. It does a fine job of controlling an iPhone, but as a dedicated music player it leaves a lot to be desired."


Patel's review is riddled with these kinds of digs. Then again, you can always say that Patel isn't the biggest Apple fan on the block and simply write-off his review out of hand. But if you're open to hearing someone politely trash the Apple Watch, then this is the review to read. To be fair, Patel did like using Apple Pay on his Apple Watch. Well, he had to say something nice. You could read his full review, here.


Two other Apple Watch reviews that you might be interested in reading include one from Bloomberg titled "You'll Want One, but You Don't Need One" and another one from Yahoo! written by David Pogue titled "The Apple Watch: Half Computer, Half Jewelry, Mostly Magical."


Apple Watch Pre-Ordering starts this Friday.




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