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Last week a Korean report surfaced regarding Apple's iPad Pro 12.9 inch displays shifting to Oxide TFT LCD. The time frame discussed was 2015. Today, the same Korean source is now reporting that Apple iPad displays used in the late 2016-2017 time frame will shift to next-gen OLED displays.


The Company behind the new iPad displays will reportedly be "JOLED" which was formed last year. The Company is a joint venture backed by the following: Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, Japan Display Inc., Sony Corporation ("Sony") and Panasonic Corporation. 


It was noted in their 2014 press release that "JOLED plans to focus primarily on development of medium-size OLED displays for use in tablets, mobile PCs, and signage, where the unique features of OLED, including lightness/thinness and flexibility, can be leveraged. JOLED will aim to bring innovative products by leveraging flexible display technologies, aiming for improved moldability and durability as well as further reduction in weight."


Today's Korean report states that Japan JOLED is to create a panel for Apple's iPad. The report oddly didn't show up in the English version of their news site. A google translation of the key part of the article is a little rough but here's the gist of it:


"Apple has preferred an oxide (oxide) TFT LCD for Tablet PC until recently. Apple remained with LCD crystal, because more than half the power consumption can be reduced significantly. The product can be reduced by reducing the thickness of the battery. However, there's a low yield problem.


Apple requires a low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) method OLED in JOLED, planning a new process changes. The initial production volume is 60,000 glass negatives commitment per month (60K) known to be a scale.


The first full-scale mass production will be the end of next year, starting with a product sample shipments for Apple iPad."


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