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On March 5, 2015 we posted a report titled "Apple intensifies their Work on Force Touch Sensors for Future iDevice Applications and beyond" In that report we had noted that Apple has been working on force sensors for touch displays, a future version of the Magic Mouse right through to the Apple Watch for some time now. Since this feature will debut with Apple Watch in April, force sensors could be on track to move to other devices over time including the Magic Mouse, the iPad and iPhone. In fact a rumor recently surfaced about this feature being aimed for next-gen iPhones. Six day later and the Wall Street Journal claims that they have the exclusive that Apple will be bringing Force Touch to the next iPhones later this year. The WSJ's Yun-Hee Kim breaks it down in the video noted below.




The Wall Street Journal notes that "The information about the coming iPhones comes from Apple's suppliers. Apple tests different technologies and designs with suppliers that ultimately may not be included in a product for a variety of reasons. Mass production for some of the components used in the new phones is expected to start in May, they said."


The rumor surfacing after our patent report noting that this feature could be headed for the iPhone 6 is interesting. Even the example used in the WSJ report regarding Force Touch was covered in a patent report … over two years ago. But even though it's "an exclusive" report, the WSJ still backs off to say that it "ultimately may not be included in a product…" Huh, some exclusive.



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