Apple's iPhone Hits Record High in China with 25% Market Share
The Apple Watch Wins the International Forum Design's Award for Best Watch Design for 2015

The People of Zhongjie Joy City China Love Apple's iPhone!

Earlier today we posted a report titled "Apple's iPhone Hits Record High in China with 25% Market Share," for January. And with Apple roaring into February with four new Apple Stores, sales of the iPhone 6 will likely get another boost. Yet one thing is for sure, the Chinese love Apple's iPhone and the video above shows you the rich enthusiasm that was present at the Apple Store Grand Opening in Zhongjie Joy City on Feb 28, 2015.


While it's one thing to read about the successful statistics that Apple is enjoying in China, it's another to see the sheer joy of attendees at an Apple Store opening in that country … or anywhere else in the world for that matter. This is something that Apple's competitors have never been able to figure out how to clone and likely never will.


Music in the Video: Armin van Burren: "This is what it Feels Like"



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