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In November we posted a report titled "Intel Event Showcased Three New Technologies for 2015 PC's." One of those technologies that are coming to PC's this fall with Intel's Skylake processor is YAP ("You are the Password"). It works with Intel's RealSense technology. This means that all new Intel PC's sold this fall will be able to recognize a user's voice, fingerprint or face as the user's password. Windows 10 will support this new feature as was announced earlier today by Microsoft.


According to Reuters, "Microsoft Corp will introduce an automatic biometric sign-in option with its Windows 10 operating system due out later this year, the first time it has offered such a service widely across devices.


The feature, called Windows Hello, means users will be able to scan their face, iris or fingerprint to verify identity and access Windows phones, laptops and personal computers, reports Reuters.


Microsoft, which announced the feature earlier today said that users' biometric data would be stored locally on the device and kept anonymous to make sure personal data is safe from hackers. This is very much like Apple's "secure enclave" for Touch ID that was introduced with the iPhone 5S.


2b secure enclave


Like most big trends, Apple is likely to match such a feature in the future with Touch ID for MacBooks and/or the iMac. Apple has a biometric patent on this feature that we reported on back in January 2014.


Apple could alternatively use Siri and/or face recognition as part of a new ID system if they so choose, as well. Perhaps we're moving to day when our books of passwords will be a thing of the past. It's hard to believe, but there's hope on the horizon.


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