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For Apple Hardware fans that run Parallels on their devices so as to access Windows for work should note that Microsoft is promising Windows 10 will launch sometime this summer instead of mid-fall. The announcement was officially made by Microsoft's Executive VP of Operating Systems Terry Myerson during an event in Shenzhen, China last night. Windows 10 will be available this summer in 190 countries and 111 languages.


Yesterday we reported on Microsoft's new Stick PC that will be tested in South Korea later this spring. Today we're also learning that Microsoft is partnering with Tencent, Lenovo and Xiaomi to quickly expand Windows 10 at launch in China. Microsoft is hoping that after a scheduled testing-phase, Xiaomi will support Windows 10 for use in a future smartphone later next year.


Obviously the announcement that caught my ear most was Microsoft working with Xiaomi. Xiaomi is being sued in India by Ericsson as we reported on back in December 2014. Many have written about Xiaomi having problems selling their popular smartphones outside of China due to the lack of patents which would open them up to multiple lawsuits.


In theory, a possible partnership with Microsoft could help them enter new markets quicker if Microsoft promises to support them with their extensive smartphone IP portfolio. All of a sudden, a smartphone deal with Xiaomi could be a real winner for both companies. This is a story that could have legs over the next year or two, so stay tuned.


Microsoft Partners with Tencent




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