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In 2011 we posted a detailed patent application report titled "Apple Developing Applications for Smart Transparent Displays." In November 2014 Apple was granted that patent. Each of those reports presented a video of what a transparent display would look like on a possible future MacBook. The video was from Samsung who has yet to deliver this futuristic notebook. Apple notes that this type of display may one day emerge on iDevices and Macs. Apple describes this kind of display as a "Synchronized, interactive augmented reality display."


Today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published Apple's patent application number 20150070276 which is an update to Apple's granted patent. All of the patent's details and patent figures are the same as the original patent. The updates to this invention are only found in Apple's patent claims. In the original patent, motion sensors are mentioned twice. In Apple's update they're mentioned ten times and play a major focus of the invention.



Apple's first patent claim now states that "A portable electronic device, comprising: a housing; a display comprising first and second overlapping display screens disposed within the housing; a motion sensor; and a processor disposed within the housing, wherein the processor generates a movable transparent window on the second display screen, wherein external objects behind the electronic device are viewable through the movable transparent window and the first display screen, and wherein the processor positions the movable transparent window on the second display screen based on motion sensor data."


You can review our past reports to view more details and graphics regarding this synchronized, interactive augmented reality display, or review Apple's full patent application here.


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