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During the Samsung event unveiling the new Galaxy Note 4 in September just ahead of Apple's event launching the iPhone 6 Plus phablet, Samsung's representative stated: "We started the large screen smartphone movement and we continue to lead in this area" (15:03 mark) Within weeks, their lead had all but disappeared with iPhone 6 Mania in full gear with history proving that Samsung lost their edge (pun intended) to Apple. Samsung eventually went down in flames to yet another profit crashing quarter. So talking up their "lead" in the phablet market proved to be absolutely desperate and futile. Of course Samsung never learns from their marketing blunders, so they're at it again. This time around it's about being proud as a peacock that they were the leaders with the world's first smartwatch.


CNBC reports today that "Apple said its long-awaited smartwatch would be released in April, but YH Eom, Samsung's European president, said the company was not worried about the competition from its U.S. rival.


"We don't have time to worry about…our competition. We are spending time to understand where the consumer trend is and what they want," Eom told CNBC in a phone interview from the company's European stakeholder event in Monaco.


Oh, such a brave face just weeks prior to Apple Watch launching. Just as they talked up their mighty Note 4 prior to the iPhone 6 Plus tsunami hitting them, Apple Watch is destined to overtake the Galaxy Gear market lead in just its first full quarter on the market.


Thanks for teeing up the Galaxy Gear downfall Mr. YH Eom. I can't wait for your follow-up response to the Galaxy Gears demise by the very completion that you boldly don't worry about today.


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