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On January 8, 2015, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that reveals a little more of their work on their recently granted patent regarding a future digital newspaper or periodical. Apple wants to add multimedia.


Patently Apple first covered Apple's digital periodical in a report in October 2014 titled "Apple Surprises us with an Exciting Invention Revealing a Next Generation Digital Periodical Device using Flexible Displays." You could review this report for more details and graphics if you missed it the first time.



Apple's latest patent application is once again about advancing their project incrementally by adding new patent claims to strengthen their IP and to communicate new features.


The first thing that's new in this patent filing is that Apple wants to protect the advertising aspect of this future digital newspaper/periodical. The second important change is found in Apple's patent claim 9 as follows: "The portable electronic device defined in claim 1, wherein the circuitry adjusts a quality level of multimedia content based on the location information and wherein the multimedia content comprises content selected from the group consisting of audio and video."


Adding multimedia to your daily newspaper would certainly be considered the reinvention of a long standing product. In Korea, it's been the rage as Samsung is preparing super thin, paper-like devices for digital newspapers.


Below is one of the images that I picked up weeks ago in a Korean report.



Obviously Apple thinks that they have to have intellectual property in place should they need to compete with Samsung on this front in the years ahead.


For more on information on Apple's current patent application see their filing titled "Mobile Electronic Device with an Adaptively Responsive Display."


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